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"My family moved to Zachary approximately a year ago and Rhea Lana is just about the only thing I miss as far as shopping goes. You can't believe my excitement to know that it is going to be here locally now. (I planned my next trip back to AR to coincide with the Little Rock sale there, that is how much I love it!) I am anxious to both consign and volunteer. I will definitely be spreading the word as to how great the sale is to the moms I have met here so far. Thanks for bringing us the good stuff!"

-Sunday C.

"We really appreciate your business. We are poor college students expecting our first child in 2 weeks. In 30 minutes time, we bought a boppy pillow, travel system and swing for our daughter for less than what it would cost for just the travel system."

-Matt & Kathy G.

"You have the most beautiful clothing and it is hard to imagine that these are on consignment. They appear to be practically brand new."

-Debbie O.

"This was my first experience with Rhea Lana and although we were not able to get there before Saturday, we managed to buy quite a bit of things, up to size 7 and 2 gorgeous coats- mind you, this baby , who we were buying for was only 6 months old at the time of the sale. We just loved it and really liked how you divided the sizes on the racks. "

Sandy J.

"Thanks so much for making consigning so easy. I was really impressed at how organized the whole process is!!! "

Ellen M.

I just love the Rhea Lana Consignment Sale. I got some "space" back in my house, and I sold most of my stuff...and made a decent amount of $$ doing it, too. What's not to like?? Seriously, it's such a win-win situation and such a great idea!! I'll look forward to the Fall sale, too!

Carolyn S.

"Again, I wanted to tell you how easy it was to sign-up and enter stuff to consign. Thank you for taking the time to help answer my questions."

Stacie G.